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Want To Explode Your Subscriber Conversion Rate? Read On To Discover 6 Simple Steps.

Getting lots of traffic is one thing, but capturing those visitors’ contact details is essential if you are to have any chance of converting them into paying customers. Persuading savvy web surfers to hand over their personal information requires some sort of attraction, a ‘lead magnet’ in online parlance. One of the most effective lead magnets for converting visitors to subscribers is an ebook.

An ebook gives a lead something tangible, more substantial than a simple checklist or infographic. It also allows you to demonstrate a certain amount of authority in your area of expertise to become a thought leader in your field.

You can use your ebook across all internet, and social media platforms to increase your subscriber numbers as well as grow your brand and reputation.

Of course, to have a useful ebook, you’ve first got to write it. The first consideration for doing this is that it will take you a considerable amount of time. Even a short ebook is going to consist of dozens of pages and trying to complete this task while running your own business could take you months.

Another issue is that the power of having an ebook is no secret. No doubt, there will already be plenty of ebooks covering your industry, so it is essential that yours stands out and appeals to your target audience.

Read on to discover how to create a conversion-boosting lead magnet ebook, without the need for months as a slave to the keyboard.

6 Steps To Creating a Lead Magnet Ebook

1 – Market Research

Researching your market is the first thing you need to do before you even think about writing. Many people get things in the wrong order, starting with a title and then writing based on that. Doing this could waste a lot of time. You might end up with an ebook that appeals to you, but no-one else!

Doing market research first will give you a firm base on which to build your eBook. Consider the content your audience is most interested in on your website. What are the keywords that drive the most traffic to your site? Which blogs or forum discussions get the most comments or responses? Basing your blog around one of your services or products that people are already interested in, will give you a higher chance of writing an appealing ebook.

As well as considering your existing content, try asking some of your clients or visitors what type of content they would benefit from reading in an ebook.

Completing this basic market research will mean that your ebook will generate you leads, and those leads will enjoy and benefit from its content.

2 – Generate the Title

Once you have decided on the subject matter, it is time to narrow things down and decide upon a title. Your title should be specific, dealing with issues or concerns highlighted through your market research. For instance, “How to Boost the Power of Your Lead Magnet” or “Top 10 Amazing Tips to Explode Your Conversion Rates”. Using numbers will let you get to the point quickly, while emotive words like Boost, Power, Amazing, Explode, etc., will grab the audience’s attention. Make sure you use similarly powerful concepts to create a spectacular title.

3 – Create Content

Now comes the nitty-gritty aspect of your ebook, getting stuck into writing it. You feel slightly overwhelmed at this stage, as the prospect of writing several thousands of words dawns on you. However, if you already have engaging content on your website, writing the content might not be such a burden.

From the market research you carried out in Step 1, you will know what aspects of your content are most popular. You may be able to use one of these blogs or articles with their comments and expand them into a single topic or section of your ebook.

Of course, you cannot merely duplicate what’s already available on your website. You need to reframe what you use and supplement it with some original content. However, if you can manage to produce fifty percent of your ebook from existing content, your time and writing burdens are considerably reduced.

4 – Organizing Your Lead Magnet Ebook

Having produced the content, it is time to organize that into a well-structured and formatted ebook.

The first section should be the Introduction, and this needs to be made up of unique content. You will need something else before the main content, a Table of Contents. An About the Author section and a Glossary of Terms usually follow on from the main content.

When laying out your main content, maintain a consistent structure throughout. Using headers, tables, bullet lists, etc., will help break the content for the reader and make it easier to follow. Images, diagrams, and infographics draw the reader’s attention to vital information. These also give the reader a break from reading text, helping to maintain their interest.

If you are using quotes in your ebook, highlight them to let them stand out from the standard text. A change in size, color, font, positioning, or other characteristics will draw the reader’s eye to a quote or other important piece of text.

5 – Your eBook Design

Designing your ebook does not have to be difficult, and you can produce something pleasing to the eye, even with no graphic design experience.

Software such as MS PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and others provide design templates to make the process much simpler. Try following the following ebook design guidelines:

●     Font. Stick with a classic font that’s been proven to work well, such as Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana. Stay clear of novelty or experimental fonts.

●     Minimize the Number of Colors. Keep the colors down to a maximum of one or two, or in line with your branding. The overuse of color can be confusing and distracting. Keep the main body text black.

●     Margins. These should be uniform throughout the whole ebook.

●     Ebook Cover. Designing a professional cover is where you might have to seek the assistance of a graphic designer. There are software packages available to help produce various 3-D ebook covers if you want to give it a go yourself.

●     Convert Ebook to PDF. It would be best if you convert your ebook to a portable document format (PDF) as this can be opened on all devices, including e-readers.

6 – Publish Your Ebook

Your final step towards creating a lead magnet ebook is to publish it. Publishing is often the most rewarding and exciting aspect, as you finally have something tangible to give your audience. Create an individual landing page on your website to host your ebook. You can link to it from other pages on your site, and promote it on social media.

After that, enjoy the experience of exploding your subscriber rate, boosting your leads, and converting more paying customers.

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